Green Diamonds invests constantly in new cultivation techniques so that we can continue to optimise our cultivation process.

Less impact
We want to minimise the impact our crops and the rest of our operations have on the environment. And every year we take steps to achieve this. To do so, we focus on three areas: energy, water and crop protection.

Reduce waste
Almost 100% of our products are perfect. But of course, sometimes a crooked or not fully-grown cucumber also gets picked. For many years it has been common practice to sell the entire harvest. This means that the curvy, less beautiful, smaller or lighter weight cucumbers are also marketed, usually to the processing industry.

Healthy people
Every day, our employees work hard to supply you with the best and most flavoursome cucumbers. We want a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees that allows them room for growth. So that they enjoy coming to work every day.