GD-Combinatie Teeltmethode®: decades of experience

At Green Diamonds, the best cucumbers are grown in over 22 hectares of greenhouses. They were developed with the GD-Combinatie Teeltmethode® (GD Combination Cultivation Method).

In this method, the flower head is not removed from the plant. The plant continues to grow, which is not the case in traditional cultivation. The mature ones can be reached by the pickers at a fixed height. That makes the harvesting process ergonomic.


Applying the rerooting technique does not interrupt growth during the season. The quality of Green Diamonds is therefore consistent for 10 months, and always equally good. But the most important part: constantly available!

Advantages of rerooting

  • Growth is not interrupted during the season
  • No plant removal
  • No costs of purchasing new plants
  • Delivery guarantee for the retailer
  • More balanced and efficient work flow

The lifespan of a cucumber is 30 days, from the flower to consumption. With the GD-Combinatie Teeltmethode®, controlled climate regulation, a smart variety selection and thinning the plant considerably shortens the cultivation period. For this reason, Green Diamonds can always guarantee fresh cucumbers. This increases the yield for the grower, buyer and retailer. This cultivation method also doubles the dry material in the cucumber, making it more crunchy and more tasty!

More topics

Grower networks, staying on top of things

For all Green Diamonds growers, close collaboration is crucial. They form a close-knit network. Every grower contributes their own expertise, making them stronger together. They improve one another’s operational management and maintain a focus on quality. In addition to exchanging knowledge and experience, the constant investment in new cultivation techniques plays an important and essential role.

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The 30-day rule

From flower to consumption, cucumbers last 30 days. Within these four short weeks, the cucumber has to grow into a full product, be harvested, packaged, sold, transported and eventually consumed.

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Supply Chain: shifting quickly

Speed is crucial on the fresh food market. The longer the chain is from harvest to consumption, the more quality is lost ‘on the way’. Green Diamonds therefore delivers directly to retailers through their supply chain partners. No endless transports and storage.

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Sales: agreements that pay off!

Good quality for a fair price; Green Diamonds opts for fair trade and a sustainable policy, in which it is looking for supply chain partners for long-term collaboration. Good agreements can be made based on a fixed price, period, specifications and purchase volume.

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LetsGrow: sharing knowledge online

At Green Diamonds, we rely on ‘innovative greenhouse automation’ that has, by now, more than proved its worth. LetsGrow is an application for registering and analysing cultivation-related information. The application shows the greenhouse climate, crop, labour and energy consumption.

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