Food safety and authority

Green Diamonds works with a fresh product, so food safety and hygiene are extremely important. Therefore, the growers have various certificates:
With these certifications, Green Diamonds meets the desired requirements to provide service to essentially every retailer. For the full (downloadable) list, see the Growers United website. For more information, send an e-mail to


Green Diamonds growers are all GLOBAL G.A.P. certified. This is the certification system for supermarket organisations in Europe. It includes requirements for safe, sustainably grown, high-quality and traceable productsThese elements are also included in the QS certificate, a German certification system, specially developed for the fruit and vegetable industry. 

Furthermore, retailers increasingly ask for a guarantee of good labour conditions and employment. For this, all our growers have the GRASP module, the test framework for the social aspect at cultivation locations. Green Diamonds packing is BRC Food certified, to guarantee hygiene and food safety at our packing centre.

Planet Proof

Planet Proof is a sustainability label and focuses on five aspects of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: soil, landscape & biodiversity, water, energy, production & consumption and climate.

The Planet Proof-certified gardeners, growers and processors meet the statutory requirements for aspects including cleaner air, fertile soil, good water quality, more nature in farms and circular waste treatment and recycling.

Quality inspection

Auditors check our products for quality, care and shelf life. They share the inspection reports with the growers and the sales department. They report and make recommendations to the growers to improve the quality and shelf life. They are also in charge of handling complaints.

More topics

Grower networks, staying on top of things

For all Green Diamonds growers, close collaboration is crucial. They form a close-knit network. Every grower contributes their own expertise, making them stronger together. They improve one another’s operational management and maintain a focus on quality. In addition to exchanging knowledge and experience, the constant investment in new cultivation techniques plays an important and essential role.

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The 30-day rule

From flower to consumption, cucumbers last 30 days. Within these four short weeks, the cucumber has to grow into a full product, be harvested, packaged, sold, transported and eventually consumed.

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Supply Chain: shifting quickly

Speed is crucial on the fresh food market. The longer the chain is from harvest to consumption, the more quality is lost ‘on the way’. Green Diamonds therefore delivers directly to retailers through their supply chain partners. No endless transports and storage.

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Sales: agreements that pay off!

Good quality for a fair price; Green Diamonds opts for fair trade and a sustainable policy, in which it is looking for supply chain partners for long-term collaboration. Good agreements can be made based on a fixed price, period, specifications and purchase volume.

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LetsGrow: sharing knowledge online

At Green Diamonds, we rely on ‘innovative greenhouse automation’ that has, by now, more than proved its worth. LetsGrow is an application for registering and analysing cultivation-related information. The application shows the greenhouse climate, crop, labour and energy consumption.

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