Cultivating innovatively

We produce a perfect product by optimising the high-wire growing method, pioneering re-rooting and using natural crop protection products and biodynamic nutrition. Our product is the best of its kind.

High-wire growing method
With eight modern growing sites, Green Diamonds is the leading specialist in the top cucumber segment. ‘As growers using the high-wire growing method, innovation is key to us, with the focus on achieving the shortest possible development period. As a result, our cucumbers are ready for harvesting within an average of 15 days. Traditionally, this process takes an average of 22 days. This unique growing method therefore gains us an extra seven valuable days in which to get the cucumber to the consumer. Thanks to the longer shelf life in the supply chain, the shopper gets to buy an extra-fresh product.’

Ergonomic harvesting
Our growers don’t remove the flower head from the plant (we call this the ‘GD combination’), so the plant continues to grow. As a result, the pickers can reach the mature fruits at a fixed height, making the harvesting process ergonomic.

Optimising processes
At Green Diamonds, we rely on innovative greenhouse automation. LetsGrow helps us with this. LetsGrow is an application for recording and analysing crop-related data. The greenhouse climate, crop, labour and energy consumption are clearly displayed in the application. LetsGrow then converts the data into valuable information to optimise the processes.